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Adding an Election

In this article you will learn how to create an election.

  • You can search for a particular record by using the Search filter. By default, all active elections are visible. Click on the View Inactive button to view the non-active elections.

  • To create a new election, click on the Add Election button. Read below for more details.

To access, click on the Elections button available at the top bar and select the tab Elections. This page lists down all elections with available options.

Adding an Election

Create Election
  • Election Title & Sub-Title: The title of the election as seen by students. It is recommended to keep the title shorter than 25 characters.
    In Election Subtitle field, you can give your students specific instructions about the election. This field is optional

  • Start & End: Choose the Start date & time and End date & time for your election. When a user logs in, if there is an election in the future, it will display as the next available election.

  • Who Can Vote: Choose who is allowed to vote in this election. If you choose everyone, it will ignore the voting groups. If you check specific groups, the non-checked groups will not see this election.

  • Layout: You can select one out of four different layouts.

  • Display Candidate: It will allow you to choose what student information is displayed to your voters. For example, if you are writing candidate Biographies but do not have student pictures, you can choose the option “Name and Biography”

  • Order Candidates By: It will determine the sorting order of the candidates. Options are First name, Last name or Random. 

  • Order Position By: It will determine the order that your candidates positions are sorted. You can choose alphabetical or you can set an order under positions.

  • Apply Spirit Points: It will allow you to give points to students for participating in your election. To use this feature you you must have either Ticketing, Store or the Advantage Bundle.

  • Active Election: If selected, election will be visible to students within the date range for the start and end of the election. If this is unselected, then students will not see the election and it will be hidden from the main election list and reports.

  • Once you have all entered all information, click on the OK button to create the election.

On Elections page, click on the Add Election button. A pop-up window will appear to input details.