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Adding Pictures and Biographies

In this article, you will learn how to add or edit pictures and biographies for the candidates.

Elections - Candidate Details
  • Select the tab for Candidate Details.

  • The Select Candidate drop down will allow you to change between different candidates in the election.

  • The Upload Picture button will allow you to upload a student picture. If using Bulk Picture Upload, the candidates picture will automatically be displayed here. If you upload a new picture, it will take priority over the default bulk picture upload image.

    You can also write the URL for the Youtube Video as candidate’s biography.
  • Biography will allow you to write something about each candidate.

Click on the Elections button available at the top bar and select the required election from the list. 

Changing the Labels

  • Select the tab for Voting.

  • By default, two fields are available for Candidate Description. You can change the name of the fields. Also, if you only want one section, you can delete the title in system values and that extra section will be removed.

  • Click on the Edit button to update/modify the description of the field. Read below for more details.

 You can change the labels at the System Settings. 

You can enter the description here in the textbox. Once done, click on the OK button to save the changes in the system.