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Ticket Types

In this article, you will learn how to set up the Ticket Types.

  • You can search for particular ticket(s) by using this Search box. Click on View Inactive Ticket Types to view all inactive ticket types.

  • There are reserved values in this system which define the Student Type such as Guest or Student. Very often these are sufficient for your events. If you need additional ticket types you can add them by clicking on the Add Type button.

  • To edit the detail of ticket types, click on the Edit button available. For more information, read below.

Click on the Configure button available at the top bar and select the tab for Ticket Types.

Edit Ticket Type


Looking for icons to use for your ticket types. We have some samples you can use. 

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  • You may update this label as needed. The idea behind this Ticket Type is that you can set a student with this value for the entire year. For e.g., if you sell Activity Stickers you can use this to store the value of those students that bought a sticker vs. those students that did not buy one.

  • You can change the color background for this ticket type. This is used in our digital student ID cards.

  • You can change the icon for this ticket type, this is also used in our digital student ID cards

When you click on the Edit button, a pop-up window opens allowing you to make the changes.

Ticket Types:

Use the type Student for all students.
If you allow Guests they will be flagged with the Guest Ticket Type.
You can always add your own ticket types for selling tickets and allowing specific pricing like Early Bird Ticket Sales.