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Accessing the Student Only Store Portal

In this article, you will learn about accessing the portal.

Register as New User

  • The system is designed to have one portal account per student. Parents can login for the first time by clicking on the Register Now option available on the main login screen.

The URL for your portal account is the same URL or Site you use to access your regular store account with a “/portal” at the end such as

Entering User Info

Here a parent can enter a Student ID, Email, Student Name and Password.
Student name and ID must match what we have on file in order for a parent to create an account.
If you upload an email address in your student file, the email address must also match to create an account.
This is suggested for better security so users must know more than student ID and name to create an account.
After entering all details, click on the Register button to complete the registration process.

Viewing Products

  • View all products with their description, picture and price to make purchases. Just as in the main store account, items will be disabled if out of stock and display the quantity remaining.

  • View the Purchase History or purchase additional store credit so they can use that in the main store account (If Student Credit Accounts option is turned on) by clicking on the Add Credit button.

  • View balance of any store credit they might have 

Once logged into the portal, parents can do the following.


Items will be showing on the right as a user clicks on the buttons.
Once all required products are added, click on the Complete button.
In case you have selected Card as Payment Method, you will need to provide your card details in order to complete the purchase.