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In this article, you will learn how to manage interventions.

Setting Up Consequences

  • You can select the tabs by clicking on these buttons. Here we have selected Consequences.

  • To add a new consequence, click on the Add Consequence button. Read below for details.

  • You can use the search filter by typing text in the Search textbox or select Scan Type from the dropdown. Tardy is selected by default.

  • To make the changes in the already added consequence, click on the Edit button.

Click on the Configure button available on the top bar and select the tab for Interventions.

Add Interventions

Scan Types

  • Select the option for Scan Types.

  • To add a new scan type, click on the Add Scan Type button.

  • Sequence number determines the order in which these scan types are displayed else where in the program.

  • The padlock indicates these scan types are locked and cannot be altered in any way.

  • To make the changes in the already added scan type, click on the Edit button.

Add ScanType

  • Enter the Scan Type Name in the textbox.

  • You can enter a number to indicate Display Sequence.

  • Review the details entered and click on the OK button to save the changes.

This pop-up window will appear when you click on the Add Scan Type button.

  • Number of Infractions – You must start with 1 which will be the consequence for the first scan. Then the same consequence will continue on every scan until the next number on this list is found. In this example the student will receive a warning on the first and second scan and then a 30 min detention on the third and again on the fourth scan.

  • Consequence – Here you can setup the consequence such as 30-minutes detention.

  • Directions – You may enter the Directions as to what the student is to do to complete their consequence.

  • Severity – You can choose between Warning, Detention, Admin Visit or Restriction

  • Call Slips – You can enable or disable these by using the toggle button. When on, you can generate printable call slips for students that need to serve their detention.

  • Send Email – When this is on for a specific infraction, the system will automate an email to parents that the student was scanned for that infraction. In order to use this feature you will need to automate a parent file to us from your Student Information System.

  • Call Slip / Email Memo – Enter into this field the standard message you want to print on the Call Slips and if using the email automation this message will go out to parents and guardians of the student that was scanned.

This pop-up window will appear when you click on the Add Consequence button.