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Mass Infraction Updates

In this article, learn how to manage the mass updates for Infractions and Students.

Mass Updates for Infractions

  • Select the first option for Infractions. The purpose of this option is to enable you to close all open infractions at once. This effectively sets all student discipline records back to zero.

  • Here is the list of all infractions.

  • For each Consequence Type, click the dropdown to specify which type of consequence you wish to close. You can also select ALL. 

  • The # unclosed column shows how many OPENs you have for each infraction. 

  • Click on the Print button if you need a record of the data before you change it.

  • Click on the Close to change all OPEN outcomes for the selected Infraction to CLOSED. You can CLOSE all infractions at one go by clicking on the Close ALL.

To access, click on the Configure button available at the top and select the tab for Mass Updates.

Mass Updates for Students

  • Select the second option for Students.

  • From the dropdown lists, select Deactivate. To perform this action on students for all grades, select All.

  • Review the options selected and click on the Do it! button.

To perform mass updates for students, follow the steps below: