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Student Credit

Negative Account Balance

To allow students to go into a negative balance you can turn that feature on. 

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In this article, you will learn about managing your students’ credits.

System Settings

In order to use Student Credit Accounts, you must enable it from the settings. Access your System Settings from the left menu and select the tab for Store.
Scroll down for the Student Accounts and click on the Edit button to update it to Yes.

Add Student Credit

Add Credit
  • By default the tab for All Students will be selected.

  • To add student credit, click on the Add Credit button for that particular student.

To access, click on the Students button available at the top bar.

Add Credits
  • Enter the amount of Credit to be added for that student.

  • Select Payment type from the dropdown.

  • Notes about the credit can be added in the Memo Section.

  • Review the changes done and click on the Add to Account button.

Credit Balance

If a student has a credit balance, you will see that on the students page. For example in the image below, student has 25.00 as credit balance.
Credit History
  • Display’s all credits that have been added to this student account.

  • Display’s all debits from the student credits.

  • Displays the remainder of the credit balance.

Credit History provides at-a-glance view of selected student’s credit balance.

Use Credit From Account

When a student is scanned in on the sales page, it will display any available credit.
The Current Transaction section will show you the total sale, amount to be debited from the credit account, and the due balance.