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Login Attempts

In this article, you will learn how to view Login Attempt report.

  • You can use the available Search filters to narrow down the results/information.

  • Login Attempts is designed to show you if students are having issues logging in. This is a good log to look at when you start your election.

    If a student is unsuccessful in logging in, the attempt will show in red. If a user ID matches an ID in the system, you will see their name. If the ID does not match then the matching name will be blank. If they were successful, the attempt will be in green.

To access, click on the System Settings option available at the left-side on the main dashboard. Now, click on the Reports button available at the top bar.

Notify Attempt & Email Setting

We also recommend setting Notify Attempts and Notify Email in the System Settings This will send you an email when a student is unable to login. The Notify Attempts is the number of unsuccessful attempts a student/user must have before an email notification will be sent to provided email address.