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Ticket and Check-in

In this article, you will learn how to sell tickets and check-in the students at the same time.


The additional button Sell Ticket & Check-in only appears on the actual day of the event.

Under the Settings of the event, you can select the option for Sell Tickets at the Door (Ticket & Check-in) by clicking on the toggle button.

Sell Tickets & Check-In

Ticket and Check In
  • Complete & Print – Choose this option if you wish to complete the transaction and print the receipt.

  • Complete Transaction – This option is to be used in case no print receipt is required. However, the transaction will be completed and recorded in the system.

  • Complete & Check-In – You can process the transaction and check-in the student at a same time.

This option is useful for those students who did not purchase the tickets beforehand. There are three buttons available on the button to process the transaction. Clicking Cancel would close the window and no changes will be saved.