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Family and Guest Management

  • You can search for particular family member, student or email address by using the search box.

  • By default, active family accounts are displayed. Clicking on View Inactive Family will display all inactive accounts in the list.

  • To add a new family or guest account click on the Add Family / Guest button. See below.
    Family and Guest can also self register on the portal

  • Clicking on Edit will allow you to modify the selected family member. See below

Click on the Students button available at the top bar and select the Family tab. 

Family Account

  • When adding a new account you must fill in the First, Last, Email and Password. When editing an account you don’t have to update the password. Leaving it blank will not change the users password.

  • Guest type can be either “Guest” or “Family” Learn more about guest type

  • To deactivate the account turn the switch off (Gray background)

  • To link students to a family account, search for the student and when you select the student it will be shown below. To remove a student from an account click the X next to their name. 

Adding and Editing Family Accounts

Guest Type

  • Guest accounts are not linked to a student, but you can reference a student by typing in their name here. When a family account is created in the portal the user must know their name and student ID number to link to that student. This gives the family account the ability to make purchases on behalf of that student and to view purchase history. Guest accounts do not have access to student purchase history.

Guest Account

Deactivate Accounts

  • To deactivate one or more account check the box to the left of thr family member name

  • Click Deactivate

Guest Accounts

  • Click the Guest tab to mange guest accounts

Management of Guest Accounts work just like Family accounts with exception that Guest accounts are not linked to student accounts, but can be referenced to a student name.