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Detailed Votes

In this article, you will learn how to view reports related to Elections results.

To access, click on the Reports icon available at the top bar and select the tab for Election Results.

Reports with Details
  • Select Election – From the dropdown, choose the election who want to view the details for. 

  • You can use the Search box to filter the detailed votes. You can also sort by selecting the dropdown.

  • The data table has following information:

    1. Vote ID – Each vote will get a unique auto incremented number to identify an actual vote.
    2. Candidate (Write-in) – It will display whom the voter voted for.
    3. Position – It will display what position that candidate was voting for.
    4. Voter – It will display who voted for that candidate.
    5. Voter ID – It is the ID number for the voter. This is usually the student ID number.
    6. Voter IP Address – It is the unique IP address for the voter. Usually when voting at school you will see the school IP address here. If students are voting with their mobile devices or from home, you will see multiple different IP address.
    7. Vote Time – It displays the date and time that the voter voted.

Select the tab for Detailed Votes.