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Add or Deactivate Students

In this article, you will learn how to add a new student and how to mass deactivate students.

Manage Students

  • You can search for particular student(s) by using the search filters; the textbox and dropdown.

  • By default, active students are displayed. Clicking on View Inactive will display all inactive students in the list

  • To add a new student individually, click on the Add Student button. Read below for details.

  • Every student information has an Edit button. You can click on it to update the information.

To access, click on the Students button available at the top bar and select the Students tab

Add New Student

  • Enter the Student ID, First Name, Last Name, Password. Write the same Password Again in the textbox. You can also add an Email which is optional. Select a voting group from the list.

  • At any time if you change a student’s Active Status to No (by selecting the toggle), they will not be allowed to login.

  • Click on the OK button to save the details.

To add a new student, click on the Add Student button.

Deactivate Students

  • Select the students by clicking on the checkboxes. To select all students, you can click on the top checkbox.

  • After selecting the students, click on the Deactivate button. 

To deactivate multiple students at once, follow the instructions below.