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Mass Product Updates

In this article, you will learn how to make changes to products in mass.

  • Click on Products

  • Check the box of one or more products.

  • Click on Mass Updates

Product Details

  • To change the category of the product, select the new category and click Save

Not every item can be edited in mass but you will find the items that can be updated under each of the 4 tabs across the top which mirror the Add and Edit product screens. Also with this mass update tool you can only edit one property of the product at a time.  

  • After saving you will see a confirmation screen showing you what is changing. In this example we are moving two products into a new category and you can see the current categories they are in. 

  • Click Update to complete the process


  • Click on Settings

  • Options for updating Active Status, Tracking Inventory, Enforce Sale to a Student and Display Purchase History. Note that if you turn on Tracking Inventory you still will need to add inventory to the product ot make it accessible on the sales screen.

  • For each of the above settings you will see a switch on the right. When Orange is showing that will turn the feature on. If you want to turn the feature off, click the switch so it is gray. In this example it will Activate all products. 


  • The options above allow you to change the price of all products, increase / decrease the price of all products as well as update the student type pricing and increase / decrease student type pricing. 

Product Pricing is a bit more complex so we have documented below each option and how it will alter the pricing of the products. 

  • To update the price of all items to a new price select Sales Price

  • Enter a new amount and click Save

  • To Increase or decrease the price of each item based on its current price use the option Sales Price by Percent

  • Select New Sales Price Increase / Decrease and enter the percent to change. 

  • The confirmation screen will show you each item and its current price

  • The last column will show you the New Price for that product based on the percent increase or decrease above. 

  • To change the Student Type Pricing select Student Type Pricing 

  • Select the Student Type you want to update

  • Set the new price for all items selected. If the product does not have a student price it will be created at this time. 

  • To change the Student Type Pricing by percentage of its current price select Student Type Pricing by Percent 

  • Select the Student Type you want to update

  • Select New Student Type Price to Increase or Decrease and set the percentage.  

  • To change the Student Type Pricing based on the price of the current price use the Student Type Pricing by Percent of Sales Price. What this will do will look at the current sales price and then take that percent and assign a new student type pricing. (for example if your sales price is $1.00 and you set the new student type price to decrease by 10% the student type price will be .90. 

  • Select the Student Type you want to update

  • Select New Student Type Price to Increase or Decrease and set the percentage.  

Web Portal

  • Click on Web Portal

  • Choose between Show on Portal, In Person Pickup and Require Agreement.  Then turn the switch orange to turn on and gray to turn off and click Save