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Archive and Retrieve Old Elections

In this article, you will learn about archiving and retrieving old elections.

Archive/Deactivate Multiple Elections

  • Select the election(s) by clicking on the checkboxes. You can select a single or multiple elections at a same time.

  • Once an election is selected, system will show you two options: Duplicate and Deactivate. 

    Click on Duplicate if you wish to create a new election with exact details. It is exactly like adding a new election but with pre-populated information. Make sure to update the title since it has to be unique.

    Click on Deactivate button to update the election as ‘Inactive’, You can always view all deactivated/inactive elections by clicking on View Inactive button.

To  access the list of all elections, click on the Elections button available at the top bar.

Deactivate Single Election

Click on the Edit button on the election you wish to archive/deactivate and change Active Election from Yes to No to archive the election.
Click on the OK button to save the changes.