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Manage Family and Guests

Family accounts allow a parent or guardian to be connected to multiple students at your school. They can purchase products on behalf of students and view purchase history for each student. 

Guest accounts can reference a student name, but purchases in a guest account are not made on behalf of a student. Guest accounts are ideal for alumni, community members and extended family.

  • Click System Settings from the bottom left side of the menu bar

  • Select Users from the top menu

Manage Family and Guests

  • To view Family or Guest accounts in your system, click Family or Guests from the sub menu. 

  • Click Add Family or Guest to manually create a new account. See below for more details on adding or editing a family member account.

  • Checking one or more account will allow you to deactivate that account so they are no longer able to access the portal.

  • Click Edit to modify an account. See below for more details on editing a student.

Add / Edit Family

  • When you add or edit an account you will see a pop up modal to modify the details. Here you can set the name, Email and password.

  • Guest type options are either Family or Guest. A Family account is directly connected to one or more students and the purchase will be linked to that student. A Guest account is not linked directly to a student and the purchase will be stored under the guest account.

  • To connect a student to a parent account, select the student from this list. 

  • To remove a student from the family account, click the X next to the student name. 

  • Manage Email Notifications. This can be turned off here or by a parent clicking unsubscribe. 

  • To make a purchase that references a student type the name of a student into the text box.

A guest does not need to know a student ID number to link they can just type the name of a student into the text box.