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Add Announcement

On this page, you can create or add a new announcement. In order to do so, follow the steps mentioned below.

Click on the Create Announcement button available at the Announcement page. A dialog box for “Creating New Announcement” will pop-up allowing you to enter the required information.
  • Title – The title added will be displayed to all the user.

  • Start/End Date – Using the date picker tool, you may select the start and end date when the announcement will be displayed.

  • Group – All announcements added must be linked to a group. Please select a group from the available list. Click here to learn more about Groups.

  • Public Calendar – Select an option for how your announcement will be displayed on the public calendar.

  • Enter the text of your announcement in this textbox.

  • Review the entered information and click on the OK button to create new announcement.

Enter following information in the appropriate fields as explained below: 

Important Information:

All student created messages will be sent for approval.

System admin can set the characters limit for Announcement textbox under the System Values