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Student Negative Account Balance

To use negative account balance you first have to turn on Student Accounts Next turn on Student Account Allow Negative Balance Set a dollar amount that the students can go into the negative. The dollar amount set here will be a positive number, but will be the negative amount they can go into debt.   Any […]

Preparing for Next School Year

User Level Access In order to complete this process you must be a Super User or App Owner. This article is broken up into 4 main steps.  Exporting / Disabling Events Staff Accounts Student Accounts Renewal of your Software Account 1. Export Reports and Disable old Events Click on the + below for each module you […]

PAX Credit Card Reader Setup

Warning This is a technical setup that involves editing your computer’s host file using Notepad++ ( ) on a PC and Terminal on a MAC. You can do this only if you have Administrator access to your computer on Windows. If your district has a firewall you may need to Whitelist the as […]

School Logo

Information In order to upload your school logo you must have Super Admin access.  Logos can be in .jpg. jpeg, gif or .png format.  From the left navigation click on System Settings Click on System from the top Navigation Click on School Logo Click Logo to upload your own school logo System Settings 

ProPay (Heartland) Merchant Account

Information. You must be a Super Admin to setup your payment gateway account. Payment Gateway To apply for a Credit Card Payment Gateway account, go to System Settings Next click on System Next click on Payment Gateway School Type / Tax ID School Type – If Private you will be required to add SSN (Social […]

Family and Guest Management

You can search for particular family member, student or email address by using the search box. By default, active family accounts are displayed. Clicking on View Inactive Family will display all inactive accounts in the list. To add a new family or guest account click on the Add Family / Guest button. See below. Family […]

Accessing the Open Store Portal

Click the Filters across the top to view specific categories Click an Active Product to add it to your cart Products that are out of inventory will show on the screen, but cannot be clicked or added to the cart Price on Demand items require you to enter an amount before clicking the button. (For […]

Discount Options

Custom Discount Allow Discounts can be turned on at the user level under System Settings / Users / User Settings To allow a user to give out a discount upto 99% for the entire transaction you can turn this feature on. An admin password is still required to complete the sale. Custom Discount will now […]

Mass Product Updates

In this article, you will learn how to make changes to products in mass. Click on Products Check the box of one or more products. Click on Mass Updates Product Details To change the category of the product, select the new category and click Save Not every item can be edited in mass but you […]